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Friday, July 15, 2011

Old Town Grinder and Ice Cream Parlor

Old Town Grinder and Ice Cream Parlor

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It was a beautiful  Friday here in Southern California so I decided to take a quick break and walk down to the Old Town Grinder for a scoop of Ice Cream.

I wasn't sure what to expect but when I walked up to the ice cream counter and saw that they served Thrifty's Ice Cream I knew I wouldn't be disappointed because I grew up with these flavors since I was old enough to hold my own ice cream cone.

Their was a pretty good selection but I wanted something fruity so I decided to get a scoop of the Black Cherry Ice Cream. It was just like I remembered it sweet and creamy with lots of cherry chunks!

What a great way to head into the weekend on a sweet cherry note.

(All photos where taken on the Iphone with Camera Pro 3.0 app)

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Anne said...

That ice cream looks amazing! This post would be perfect for my monthly link-up, Eat Local Eat Fresh. The new one for July will be up next Friday:

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