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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mint Klondike Bar

Mint Klondike Bar

I saw these Mint Klondike Bars while strolling through the ice cream freezer section at the local supermarket and I had to give them a try. I'm always a sucker for mint and chocolate, it one of  my favorite flavor combinations.

Mint Klondike

They tasted pretty good for a store bought Ice Cream bar. The chocolate that coated the ice was thick and dark chocolate tasting. The ice cream inside had a hint of mint and a touch of green not too fake green but just enough to make you believe you are eating a mint ice cream.

Mint Klondike

Maybe in a future post I can  show you a artisanal way to make mint ice cream bars.


Quyen said...

Bao - I'm so impressed with your ice cream photo skills. I've tried taking pictures of ice cream a couple of times now and I'm finding that I just don't work fast enough... :(

Bao Ngo said... is a lot of practice...the trick is to setup everything ahead of time and then when you locked your metering and exposure. You bring out the ice cream and snap away. Depending on the weather you got 5-10 minutes before everything melts. :)

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