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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Vanilla Bean with Toasted Walnut and Freshly Baked Chocolate Cookie

This is one of the best mixes I have made yet. The vanilla bean ice cream was rich and smooth and I mixed in freshly toasted walnuts and then layered in broken pieces of freshly baked chocolate cookies. The vanilla bean ice cream was a new recipe which required more time to prepare almost twice as long as my other recipe. The walnuts were toasted to a golden brown which gave it a very highten walnut flavor. I then baked freshly made chocolate chip cookies. I got the the inspiration for the cookies from a New York Times article. It had required the dough to be refigerated between 12 and 36 hours. I gave a pint to Binh, Susan and Branden.

Branden looks like he is enjoying the ice cream.

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Cathy said...


This one looks and sounds amazing! I'm so happy that you're having so much fun coming up with these flavors. I can't wait to try some more- especially this one.

Susan said...

I loved the silky smooth and creamy ice cream. The toasted walnuts added a crunchy texture to give it more of a bite. And there is no need to worry about shelf life, it was gone within a day.

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