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Monday, August 4, 2008

Pike's Place Coffee Ice Cream

This is actually the second time I tried making coffee ice cream. The first time I created a "Crunchy" version using coffee grounds in the ice cream mixture. This time I used a different recipe which required the whole coffee beans to steep in the warm ice cream mixture for 1 hour. This one turned out great it had a very deep coffee taste without leaving coffee grinds stuck in you teeth!!


Binh said...


The Pike's Place Coffee ice cream tasted very good. Susan and I both agree that it could be too good, in that you could eat the whole pint in one sitting. My improvement suggestion would be that the color of the coffee ice cream was too light. I think consumers want to know it's going to be coffee ice cream and a darker tan color will give people a sense of richness too.

Binh said...


We both agree to be your guinea pigs for future ice cream trials. :)

Binh & Susan

Cathy said...


That sounds so good. I can't wait to try it. I agree that the coffee grinds in the first batch were a bit much... I've been getting the Pike's Place Roast every time I go to Starbuck's lately, so I'm already a fan of your coffee choice. I'm sure it will be excellent. Good luck!

Bao Ngo said...

Thanks guys for the comments. Cathy I will defintly make a batch for you the next time we meet up. I'll try to darken it up maybe use a litte darker roast.

I really appreciate all you support!

Duke said...

Toni says she HAS to try this! As the supreme Coffee ice cream lover she will judge it! It looks good! We can test out the overnight shipping! She'll give you the fedex number! Everything looks good my friend. Keep it up!

Ravenous Couple said... about cafe sua da ice cream?

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